2 PM In Soul City

[Verse 1 – Sikander Kahlon]
Killa, Look

2PM teri yaad satawe

Call karan tinu muron’ vaaz na aawe

Labya ni koi minu pairi pehn li

Sir chukke ek thaan’ meri gheri family

Hoes saari shallow, munde saare mellow

Hard ae sangeet, mera dikhda nah faida

Whip kar maida, ghutt jaake paiha

Kaale ne endeavour, chuha banna never

MJG bitch I got 8 ball

Shatru mere daffan paye khet kol

Kann vich gall kar nah tu bhet khol

Son of soil, rahi ret bol dulley petrol

Gasoline, main kya light kar shit up

Sohni butt better kar maar thode sit up

Tu kehndi rapper jinnu main kahan dinner

O banni oddi fan, taahin’ chadti, no fikar

Salty jatt, gall, toll free kar

Sab kuch black, kaali coffee bharr

Naal neem the great, y’all seen the fate

Kahan keep the faith, nah teeka dekh


Yaad satawе

Call karan tinu muron’ vaaz na aawe

Neem, Leggo

[Verse 2 – NTG]I think you boys know I do way bettеr when pressures on me

Yea , you want to war then get your army

They gone think I’m Mac , cause when you bet the cheddars on me

I don’t want no smoke , I’m eating rice with the edamame

Bad thing calling me papi


& we just hopped off the flight in Saint Martin

Nothing but good vibes and bsck massages

People be asking me if I rap but I’m acting modest

Knowing damn well I got more bars rikers island

Always got these thoughts on my mind when I smoke exotic

I’m high like I’m know they pilot

Eyes looking like I was born in China

Getting to the cake just like Betty Crocker

Ain’t about the cake , then it ain’t about nada ForeaL

Leave my lady what I would never do

She was with me before I had the V just like the letter U

Looking at that thing when she walk , yea that’s a better view

I guess she wasn’t lying when she said boy “you know you got big things ahead you” yea

But your friends they really need help

They tell you how to keep a man but can’t keep one for themselves

Told you stop talking to your friends when you running for help

And anytime you wana talk , yea I’ll be the one you can tell

I ain’t want to give you all this game but I might as well

You know I still check up on you just like a Nike deal

And where the Sun don’t shine , yea it’s tight as hell

That’s why everytime before I leave the crib I always dive up on in that pussy like I’m Michael Phelps

People say that I’m a stranger

That’s what everybody wana say when they bring my name up

Know a couple people only call when they need a favor

Send that money through and once you send it they say “I’ll pay you later”

You know they ain’t gone never pay ya”

Happens when you up like kites and you feeling blessed and lucky

Pockets on super chunky

When I ain’t have nothing IG models they ain’t really want me

Now they really company

Go to nobu , probably go to Chinatown to get some dumplings

Anyway ima in Saint Martin and yea my skin is glossy

Cigar, Rick Rossin

Shaded on, real bossy

Models in my section every night and yea they really gorgy

Order anything you want , don’t really care what it cost me