Ms. Stripper

[Intro: 38 Spesh & DJ Drama]

(Gangsta Grizz-illz)

[?] answers, the answers are a rare breed of [?]


You know how I like it

Turn that shit up, Shay

Turn that shit up [?] I like it, man

Everybody can’t handle him

Ya nah’m sayin’?

Turn that shit up

Some love him too much

Get it back to where I motherfuckin’ like it, man

Ya dig me?

Damn, ahh, ahh

We in custody, nigga

Ahh, ahh

Ya nah’m sayin’?

Benefits of hard work, nigga

Oh, she’ll keep you in custody

Nah’m sayin’?

Let me tell y’all about my life, though

Know your limits

Yo, uh, yo

38, get ’em

[Verse 1: 38 Spesh]

Now I just hopped off the bus and I’m in a small town

That got nice neighborhoods, real quiet, not a sound

I don’t hear no gunshots, ain’t no cops ridin’ ’round

It’s a lot of money here, and I’m here to get it now

Shit, I know down here it get wild

I heard about the money so I had to comе down

Shit, so I came and, you know my style

I ain’t bring no cocaine but I brought that fo’ pound

I’ma do this a littlе different, I ain’t come here to start pitchin’

I came to start stickin’

I’m lookin’ for the rich man, that be trickin’

Now I’m at the club where the hoes be strippin’

Uh, I’m at the bar and I’m chillin’

Sittin’, sippin’, I see a chick over there strippin’

I tell her, “Come here”, she came over with the quickness

Perfect opportunity for me to start pimpin’

I’m like, “Yo, listen here”, she seen the official wear

Sat on my lap, I whispered in her ear crystal clear

Like, “Listen, dear, tryna get you out of here

Get you some [?] where I can really lift you in the air

You get money? Well I do, too

But I’m tryna get rich, shit, how ’bout you?”

Shit, she smiled, I could tell she like my style

It wasn’t a while ‘fore she gave me the numbers to dial

Check it, I got to know her better, I fucked her without blowin’ cheddar

I told her, “We should get doe together

‘Cause I stick niggas, and you strip

And if we work together then we can really get niggas

All we gotta do is try to find a rich nigga”

And she said, “That’s easy ’cause they trick quicker”

Woo, shit, “Mami, I gotta stick with ya”

So I put her under my wing like my kid sister

Right? Uh, together we gon’ stick niggas

My name 38 Special, her name Ms. Stripper

[Interlude: 38 Spesh]

Nah’m sayin’?

I was chillin’ with the bitch for a couple weeks

In this small hick town, man, you know?

She keep tellin’ me about this one nigga

He ‘posed to have the town on smash and all that

Well you know, we gon’ do what the fuck we gotta do

And we gon’ get this nigga and make this shit go

Nah’m sayin’? Check it

Ayo, ayo
[Verse 2: 38 Spesh]

Ayo, I seen the jook, it was sweet, nigga named Keith

Moved bricks by the week, got the house on the beach

And he slippin’, ’cause this nigga stay trickin’ on freaks

I ain’t trippin’, I’m just grippin’ my heat

Waiting patiently, I hope she rock this nigga to sleep

I been plottin’ on this nigga for weeks

Now I’m gon’ get him, since I’m thinkin’ ’bout robbin’ that man

I told Ms. Stripper to come and give me a lap dance

So she sat on my lap and danced

That’s when I whispered in her ear, “Yo, follow the rules that we planned”

And then she went in front of Keith and stripped

And she told him she’ll give him anything he wanted to get

Now Ms. Stripper, she was thick

Fat ass, big tits, so you know he couldn’t resist

On his lap where she sit and the way she move her hips

Was seductive, you could tell she could ride a dick

Uh, he was impressed by this

So he wanted to trick, she said she get off work at six

This something I can’t miss, I be planning to get

Be damned if I don’t hand him a clip, then vanish in the whip

Woo, he picked her up at six

Tried to take her to a new telly, but she already had a room ready

I’m in the room ready, to blow his head to the moon

If he don’t give me the loot and resume steady

So they walked to the telly quick

Shit, I’m hiding in the closet on some R. Kelly shit

Soon as they walked in the door, he already stripped

This nigga ain’t even fuck, he already whipped

So I walked out the closet quick

He seen the gun in my fist, knew his life was at risk

Shit, I said, “You can make it out of this

Your ass could live, just tell me where the stash house is”

He said the stash house was in the hood, gave me the address

Before I left, I tied him up real good

Told Ms. Stripper, “Wait here, I’ll be back”

I gave her the gat, said, “If that nigga move then clap”

Shit, so I went to the house, found the stash

Found three bricks and three hundred thousand in cash

I was ‘posed to go back for the slut, to give her her cut

But instead I hopped back on the bus, nigga

[Outro: DJ Green Lantern]


38 Special

Team Invasion/TCF

You sitting down, we standing up for you

Let’s go