Rhyme Zone

Yo its 69k shodn

El capedro up on it

Walkin around reppin my gucci bonnet

All these haters saying i’m not it
But i can rhyme things with orange

My 4 inch door hinge

Was getting boring

So I put my porridge in storage

I’m so smart I know what a pseudorange is

Yea ima mathematician

Cuz all these bars i’m dishin

Are just like addition

So sign my petition

Cuz I got a sneaking suspicion

That these bitches be fishinMe and the gang up in rhymezone

Got da bracelets made of limestone

Bouta break your spine bone

Cuz these dry tones and my high throne

Got my iphonе on the way low

Fortnite got my eyеs shown

Sometimes i like to eat pine conesCuz these dope lines

Got me seeing hope signs

So when it’s show time

I’m in my prime

And I’m On my grind

I’ll be seeing red

Im sublime

You’ll all be dead (and gay)