Alex Wiley & Mike Gao – Leisure Lyrics


I’m back and i’m loaded
Niggas is wack and I notice
I feel like I’m lackin opponents
I roll up a pack of the potent
I’m feelin spectacular homie
They do not fuck with me
Shorty was sucking me like she was Dracula homie
They on some funny, shit
I want some money, shit
Let’s get it cracklin homie
Blowing these Benjis
I got the flow of the century
Spit it like i was Van Gogh with Da Vinci
Nothing you say can convince me
I turn yo beef into mince meat, nigga
Ah yeah, i boom and i bump
I’m moving the skunk
No room in the trunk
Ah yeah, I do what i want
You niggas is lunch
And i cannot front
Ah yeah, 12 wanna come arrest a G
Please let me breathe
Please get the fuck off my testis please
I’m all over the bread like I’m sesame seeds

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