Always Saying This Always saying that

Always saying this always doing that but you playing around Always saying this always doing that but you keep playing around wasting my time
I need you to understand please listen to me good I am a woman, not a girlI am not going to be playing these childish games with youYou say one thing but your actions say another I am beginning to wonder if you will be able to handle all this lovin?Always saying this and doing that but I ain’t seen anything yet

It’s always it’s just you’ve been yapping about how you going to put it down but my question is when?

I am not for these games I need you to make up your mind do

Want me? Oh, do you want me? Because I really need and want youYou always saying this and that but you ain’t put it down ain’t nothing happened yet to make me believe that you can please meWhy are you playing this cat and mouse game with me? Why are you always bragging about your abilities to please because through the grapevine I was told that you have given it up to another that better not have been what you did because I will catch a caseWhat are you waiting for? Mmmm please I would like to know what are you waiting for? You made a promise to me and preceded to break itYou always saying that and doing that but you are playing around with me this making me get fed up I am tired of you talking crazy that’s a turn-off come to me correctly I am not a jump offWhy can’t you see this all you need?Always saying this and that but you still playing around you got me so fed up just stop this act it’s not selling out any seatsI have been notified of many things but your memo has since expired

I have please help yourself sign up on my door but it seems like you don’t want to be hired