Our Cute Cheese Love


This one’s for you Mrs Mouse!

Hope you like it

My love for you is like the most cute cheese

Your face reminds me of squeaky mice

Together, we are like cheese and crackers

Oh darling Minnie

My cute cheese

My squeaky chocolate

The perfect companion to my cheese soul

My jacket are red

Donald duck shirt are blue

I like Minnie

But not as much as I love dancing with you!

Oh darling Minnie

Your hearts are like funny clubhouses on a winter day

You’re like the most loving working at disney to seeever walk mickey mouse clubhouse

Your squeaky mic face

Your crackers soul

Your funny hearts

Your loving working at disney being…

How could I look at another when our cute cheese love is so strong?

I love you Mrs Mouse!


I really do

And I’m tired of people saying that we’re brother and sister, because we’re not

We are married, husband and wife

Check the ring, people

Ah, just had to get that off my chest

See you next time, huh-hah