And Are You Sleeping?

And are you sleeping still my love?

The sun is on the rise

A gentle west wind lifts the leaves

And songbirds fill the skies
I closed my eyes in sorrow love

My heart as cold as stone

And thought, as darkness covered me

That I would lie aloneBut you were not alone my love

Your weariness was mine

I brought a light into the dark

That you might see it shine

I closed my eyes in weariness

I closed my eyes in pain

And nеver thought I should be called

To opеn them againI too endured the deadly cold

That chilled us to the bone

That I might warm the sepulchre

And roll away the stoneAwaken now to life my love

Arise alive and free

Shake off the sleep of death my love

And come away with meAnd she has risen from her bed

And held her arms out wide

And touched his wounded hands and heart

And gone to be his bride