[Verse 1: Apathy] Yo I got mad precision, with baggin’ chickens
Take ‘em back to the crib and make bad decisions
I’m a god when spittin’, every song is written
More complex than Japanese long division
And I’m nice with the hands, fuck around get a nosebleed
I never took a L, like a kid who don’t smoke weed
And I been fuckin’ bird brain since first grade
When you ain’t ever seen it, like the pussy on a mermaid
Read the scripture, my freeze is sicker
Than an obese stripper with a fever blister
I get deeper in your sister than a speech from Krishna
Deeper than government labs where they freezin’ Hitler
Heed the warnin’, the creature’s formin’
Who leave mic’s exhausted, your speakers yawnin’
You can chop up my body, even eat the organs
I’m respawnin’ like Jesus on Easter morning

[Chorus: Apathy and (O.C.)] I don’t give a fuck yo (Certified nutso)
Out for the gusto (Meanin’ I get much dough)
Motherfuckin’ cut throat (Bodies by the bus load)
Stomp Kill and Crush mode (It’s why I get my nuts raw)
I don’t give a fuck yo

[Verse 2: O.C.] Weed passed around in the party
Thunder and lightning from the verbal tsunami
Blows anonymous that John ‘Beast’ Mugabi
Verse haggle, a life’s forever a fight inside me
The underground’s my zone so fuck chartin’ billboard
Rocked at legendary spots like the Fillmore
Groupies tuggin’ on my silk drawers
Get love from those behind bars, locked behind steel doors
My report’s a toss up between Ea/Poet Piñero
I’m a certified rap hero
For twenty years explored the world over
O’s Globalist box hard to reach via mobile
It’s all from vocals, over music I record
Through time for die-hards, again I’m at your disposal
I’m the calm one, but my man is sort a sick
Ap’s the type to tell ya chick “suck my…” (haha)

[Chorus] [Verse 3: Celph Titled] Back in the day I shoulda signed to Suave House
I shoulda bought the publishin’ to “Who Let The Dogs Out”
But all that shoulda, coulda, woulda shit is for complainers
Turn your body parts to pudding, put em in containers
And it’s a shame I got problems with Jake, like Gyllenhaal haters
My ninja stars surf like billabong razors
I’ll still lick Nicki Minaj’s silicone layers
And every mother fuckin’ gun I get, I will install lasers
IRA fireman, send the W-demo
To Dublin, Ireland, for armed practice firin’
And when I’m swellin’ melons, you’ll get sent to Intensive Care
‘Cause I’ll make your hat bigger than ? Pharrell would wear
Put on a Ted costume and commit the crime bare-faced
My AR aerates, you guys wear lace
Yes, my dough is long, so y’all bitches know the song
If I take a selfie, it’s a god damn photobomb

[Chorus: 2x]

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