Apathy & O.C. – Tomorrow Is Gone Lyrics

[Verse 1: O.C.] Used to get pushed from the way the chain hang
Down to my dick, where the nuts be dangling
Long nights, club hoppin’, involved the same thing
Wolves on the prowl, always kept the gun tucked
In my waist, I pray to never be chose – the mark
But we all know what goes on after dark
Brown liquor and then the dance floor, sippin’
Pocket full o’ big faces surrounded by my niggas
Think back, it was a crew of ass kissers
Low lives with nothing going on, hopin’ I put em on
Couple live wires stayed in my circle
Cousin Boo with ya crews, myself always ready to move
Fitted over my head piece, coverin’ my eyebrows
Noddin’ my dome to the songs
People gettin’ drunk, sense the weed linger in the air
Look at my watch its 3 in the morn’
Now I’m lookin for a slide off so we can get ghosts
Movin’ like a phantom in the spot packed with ho’s
Back to the seven-one-eight, drop off fam’
Make it home and sleep through the day

{Hook:] Sunset to sunrise
We live and we day
Short days and cold nights
Erase guys ya whole life
Wo-oooo-oooo, Tomorrow was gone
Wo-oooo-oooo, The magic is gone

[Verse 2: Apathy] J.Crew junkie with a closet o’ Cole Haan
Outfits form like the body of Voltron
East Cost fishermen with slickers and a raincoat
Rollin’ wit a pack o’ alcoholics who chain smoke
Bottle to the face, now ya man need a cat scan
Up inside the bar, disrespected a Pats fan?
Step out the car get a boxcutter scar
Stupid motherfucker do you know where you are?
This is N dot E dot, home of the cold winds
Where stick up kids get away with ya gold rings
Me and baby mamas; we be cussin’ like sailors
And motherfuckers cuff ’em like custom tailors
Cuz the ho’s so fuckin’ hot, porn stars suckin’ cock
Then you knock her up and she grow a little muffin top
Everybody out, house party over
Hit the Dunkin’ Donuts and try to get sober
Before the cops pull me over like they did it in Springfield
Didn’t like my attitude and cracked my windshield
Fuck it back to the eight-six-o
Come hell or high water I’ma make this dough

[Hook] [Verse 3: Slaine] In those ice cold winters I was born and raised
Drinkin’ whiskey out the bottle, on the corner blazed
From the start had heart full of scorn and rage
It got dark through the night and at dawn it stayed
Til the light glowed this is sun rose with the death tolls
Light stones by the stove where my breath froze
Overdose, bullet holes you can catch those
Ex foes, old friends we collect those
Exo’s swirlin’ in my cup while my debt grows
Cocaine in my bloodstream while the sweat flows
I can hear the past still while it echos
Pills had me hooked to the gills, I had to let go
Now I’m late night drivin’ through the madness
To the other side, I’m survivin’ through the habits
I look around and see the fiends in the rabbit hole
Tattered jeans as he leans wit a battered soul
Seems there’s no way out til ya find her
Carryin’ this chip just to keep a reminder
It’s through hell that the kid come heaven
I made it out and back in the six-one-seven


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