Dodie Lyrics

Dodie Clark (artistically stylized as simply Dodie) is a British singer/songwriter and vlogger known for her bittersweet, acoustic romance songs and her creative online activity. She became widely known during her late teens for documenting her life on YouTube, expressing herself artistically through acting and performing. A big part of this was her songwriting, which led to her becoming prominently known for her use of the baritone ukulele and her original songs about love, loss, and yearning. She quickly became an online sensation, eventually earning over 700,000 fans and subscribers to her YouTube channel. In 2016, she began work on her debut EP, Intertwined, which was released later that fall to critical acclaim. Her increasing popularity eventually gave way to live performances around the country, ultimately landing her a spot on the Transatlantic Tour, which found her performing in the U.S. alongside fellow YouTube stars Jon “Paint” Cozart, Rusty Clanton, and Tess Violet.