Say welcome to the party

But everybody know we tryna get it

Ain’t Bacardi

You know it’s funny
You tryna get it

I ain’t no body

But everybody tryna get it

Deffery DauhnyAye I said

Said welcome to my party

You know that’s how we get it

Yeah you dancing on Bacardi

Say drop it down and turn around

And get it yeah you shawtyGrind up on me tell me how you wanna go

(tell me how you wanna go)

I said grind on me and how it go

(how it go)Go slow on it

Let me pursue you

Let me tell you Imma Imma undo ya

Then Imma through ya

Run and then I do youNext thing you know

You coming over


(Hallelujah)Yeah said hallelujah to the lordt

Cause after imma do you

You gone crawl unto the lordYou gone save yourself from what I’m bout to do to you

And every thing I’m gone do

Imma work you in through yaBut I can tell you I ain’t wanna

You just said daddy come overAnd then I came right over

Spread right

Spread left

And then I get it in the raveSay I get in the rave

And I get it like you really tryna go

Yeah you insane

I said you coming my way

Or like you really tryna come it like they coming

Bi waysThen you tryna hit it

Like we riding on the highway

I take you then I bend you over

Do it high sidewaysThen I lift you up and get it right

Oh that’s on tightAnd then everybody talking bout on sight

Say they really seeing everything we doing

Fix your hair

Girl you really tryna get it

I ain’t trying

I ain’t staringBut I look it any this really fat

Let me see what I can do to you

Yeah everybody tryna look at it but I been through itYou I can just get in you later

And let you know I’m pulling in the Rover escada

Everybody tryna get to you

Like you know meEverybody tryna see you chopin

Yeah you onlyOnly one thats coming throughBend over girl

Let’s put it throughTest your RPM’s

Thats how many rounds you get per minute

Yeah you know we inEverybody talking bout we get it

Chop a skinEverybody say

I run you like a car an in

Skrrt SkrrtSay everybody drop your top like aye

That’s my girl

You really tryna get it on my gayImma run them RPM’s up all the way

The next time you tryna come through it’s likeOday Olay

Daytona on the track

Now we get it Asola