Avelino – Outro 2 Da Beginning Lyrics

[Verse] Yo, welcome to my mind
There’s no exit when you’re inside
I coexist and coinside
With a darker meat even though the future’s so bright
I go [?] There’s fathers praying they don’t lose their sons in the summer
I came from the mud, I’ma tryna save me and my mother
Had a gut feeling you can only get in the gutter
Blood’s thicker than water, I’m only friends with my brother
Have you ever seen a plug running from a runner
I’m six feet but my nigga’s six feet under
Lightning never strikes twice, would you hit me thunder?
Something told me not to leave my yard that night
Saw Scarface in the morning, I was scarred that night
Going hard’s kinda hard at times
Being unarmed had me wishing on a star that night
Ooh, gotta move forward
Gotta grab the aux every time the mood’s awkward
I’ma need a Phantom ’cause the mandem’s too haunted
If we’re in a bid to survive then who auctions?
We can either be notorious or [?] Got a presidential after all the politics
Broken homes, broken families, broken promises
Everyone was talking, I just heard the voice all thin
And it told me something I’ve never been told before
He said “The key’s to success, you get them to open doors”
So I’ma either rap or have no [?] with the poor
Council housing but we never had any council at all
Just our own intuition
When you’re working class, you can’t afford a tuition
So there’s work in class, A form and if you flip it
You’ll profit off your own prophecy with no religion
I’m in all Christian, the old [?], I’m kicking down doors
They say you get what you give but I’m giving out more
Even when they tell ten stories, I’m on the ground floor
Mum said I had too much pride, she couldn’t be proud more
Yeah, your boy’s a man now
They listen to me left and right, look how it’s panned out
I was that handicapped kid without his hand out
And I still don’t need a hand ’cause there’s crowds of people that clap for me now
Clap for me loud, I wanna feel it
I was in a scary movie, everybody screaming
But my sixth sense showed me the angels and demons
Now I’m tryna raise the roof ’til there’s no ceilings
I’m the definition of meaning
Having purpose ain’t an accident, you’ve gotta mean it
I don’t need no practice, I just practice what I’m preaching
I’m unbelievable, I give you something to believe in
Yeah, what I pull up in might not be what I leave in
I’ll be a breathe of fresh air until I stop breathing, breathing
This is the outro to the beginning
In other words, I’m starting from the finish
I’m finished

[Outro: Avelino, DJ Semtex] How far do you wanna take this?
As soon as you said that the first word that came to my mind was global, worldwide
No bullshit, is it an album, mixtape, EP?
It’s a playlist
There’s powers in self-belief right?
Everything starts in the mind. Anything you imagine and you see has gotta be created twice
It sounds like you come from a big family, how does that influence your music?
I’d say it influences it a lot man because my old man passed away. God rest his soul. I’m Avelino by surnames
Oh really?
Yeah, yeah, our new show’s the household name, we’re worldwide
Are you gonna succeed?
Yeah, yeah, no choice

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