Avelino – Rich Soul Lyrics


Got so tired of talking, I don’t even talk to myself
You mean to say I’ve got this rich soul all to myself?
Hah, you mean to say you don’t get what I mean to say
When I say I’m getting brain but keeping my thoughts to myself?
Fuck her, then I feel five star when the hoe tells
We in the building, I’m Notorious to these Lil Kims
You spend your time on the timeline, go live the real thing
The OutKast is now a Big Boi for these children, yeah

Comfy on my ones
Still here with my ones, I’m feeling like the one
It’s either love or lust, I fell in love with lust
She wants fun, I give her D and let her boyfriend fund
I’m tryna mow a boat to the BRITs
I need me a Grammy family, I don’t need no kids
Man, these niggas talk but they never show me shit
I said I’m tryna build a house and my homie show me bricks
Grew up a lonely kid, they won’t leave the kid alone now
I sold out my show, I never sold out
Go hard or go hard, I’m doing both now
Man are taking selfies, I’m getting [?] my phone now
Random pictures, they’re taking random pictures
Looking to the window of my soul cause the Phantom’s tinted
Yeah, ridicule us, that’s ridiculous
Real rap niggas, wrap these niggas, they’re just rapping niggas

[Break] Are you a rich man?
When you mean rich, what do you mean?
You have a lot of possessions? A lot of money in the bank?
Oh, does that make you rich? I don’t have that type of riches. My riches is life…

Get rich
Feed the fam, that’s a king
It’s AV, the wonder kid
I’ve been getting so rich if you’re wondering

Man are talking like they know shit
But they don’t know shit
I blowed up, give your girl the glowstick
Yeah, started in the ends
Now I make a hoe strip for my whole strip, oh shit

I remember the future
I was sent from the future
I’m ruthless but I pull up with the roof up
I remember the future
Yeah, I pretend when I prove stuff
So much drive, need a brake and a new clutch

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