*baby isn’t you*

(Verse 1)

Have you moved on with somebody new?

Cause I can’t write a song that’s not about you

It doesn’t seem fair to us baby

How come you made it so easy?

And what about everything that you said

Well, I didn’t forget

Didn’t think you’d take it back

Guess I should’ve known that

And I’ve gotten pretty good at lying pretty well

Still I can’t understand how you could love anyone else

How is it that you can?

I’m scared that I’ll never feel that way again

Cause how could you call anyone “baby” when your “baby” isn’t



I didn’t wanna see how this one would end

But we promised each other that wе would stay friends

How could you call anyone “baby” when your baby isn’t mе

But don’t think that I’ve tried to move on too?

You’ll never understand, how much, how much I loved you

And I still do

Cause how could I call anyone “baby” when my baby isn’t you

When my baby isn’t you