Wow, that’s crazy

[Verse 1]

I want all of my youth all through the year

With perfect intentions until fifty

I don’t want to be lonely with you

I want everything to fit me

I don’t want to be insecure with you

I want everything to fit me

I just want to be happy with you

This is the time of the year

I said we had it all and it’s in the past

And you’re going to want me

I was always afraid of strangers

I was completely stupid at the time

You can’t leave, it won’t let you leave

All your feelings aside, aside, aside

All your feelings aside, what do you do?

You said you’d never lеave, but the door was flung open

Thе night was filled with wonder and love

All your feelings aside, what do you do

Riding by the steam of a motorcycle

[Verse 2]

The answers that they want me to have

And they think it’s funny when they see the hurt in my eyes

Won’t be a part of this misery

I’m not talking about myself

I know who I am and where I’m going to go

Gonna be bigger than all them stans who haven’t won one grammy yet

I’m sorry mom, I had to depose

‘Cause that’s my fuckiin’ name

I don’t need too much approval

Creepin’ in your zone, feeling how you do it

You know what I’m finna do, guess you had to learn the hard way now

Butterflies fly when they want

And they’ll make your lungs black

While my brothers buried in dirt

I was photographing truths at funerals, y’know?

Dips when you dry out and die

Don’t you know with asthma and heart disease

You’re living on borrowed slander?

Sitting here trying to visualize

How he owned the motherfucking world

When in high school you listen to Tyler

Their opinion wasn’t valid on any level

I don’t know if this thing is even working

Yeah, I think that pedal setting has got it stuck

Warm summer night as I remember they used to get

So, is this is how it goes?

Different than how it’s been

With your ego, you’ve blinded yourself

That little text is something I made up just for you

Every time I’m in the room you’re out of luck

Talking bout being a hit with the ladies and all that bullshit

Got a few scars but can’t stop thinking about them

If you find yourself unable to breathe

Just know this ain’t to bad, realization come too much

I recognize realness over these clowns

I’m more than just a piece of meat

Before I needed a woman like someone loves a psychopath

Now all of the sudden it’s not a fair game

But patience is only for cowards and you’re anything but that

You still have to learn how to plan your exit


What if we continue

Like we never stopped

Was I dreamin’ when I met you

Did you sneak up on me?

Or did reality just stop and this is my fantasy

A love song to end all love songs