Bael na Mblath

Moonlight shines upon the

Gallows of men stretched by

Their necks

By british crown they suffer so

Swinging in the winter air

Centuries of terror follow

Centuries of blood

The red ride through the

Countryside bringing forceful rule

Mothers bury sons and

Daughters, into irish soil they rot

In the realm of summer stars

Patriots do march

Saint patrick sheds a tear for

Martyrs who will die

Red eyes gleam, white lips twitch

The devil draws a smile nearby

Fog dressеs corpses at night

And dusk brings safe escapе

Slaves of wind from northern land

Drive angels from their homes

A pilgrimage of stars leads right

To hell’s own gates
Followed by demons’ shadows

Our homeland isn’t safe

Tyranny the bitter friend to those

With evil in their souls

Prisoners will not make amends

For bloodshed is fate

As coffins line cobbled streets the

Bastards still watch o’er

No savior comes to aid the saints

The funerals still proceed

Black clouds mark the end of

English rule, of english law

The queen has shut her eyes to

The torment of common man

The queen will have a pauper’s

Grave for stealing irish land

Apparitions rise up from the mist

And appear on easter morn

From the sea the dead arise

And to the castle they storm

Hail mary full of grace

Rebel hearts have won today

Heaven’s doors swing open wide

As terrorists enter free