Bag Talk

[Verse 1]

Baby im da one he tryna b like

Im da one dats poppin’ yk im da one dat he like

Everybody talkin bout who winnin’ ain’t it meh rii?

Im da one who started all these youngins’ getting money

Im da one who make em’ do it

Baby im da one dat done it

Im da one to check they temperature

So lemme know what’s funny

The only thing the prince is smiling about is making money

[Verse 2]

Okay we can do this the easy or da hard way

But who told you bout it tryna do it yo way?

(I don’t know?)

Prince J lil 3 baby


Pull up with some racks cuz it’s a lot of money i don’t show

Imma skip the hook it’s my time to say what’s on my mind

This gon to be the hook, but lеt’s get to it ain’t no wasting time

Tryna to stop my shine

How you stop somеbody on they grind

I be doing fine don’t go tell me about how they be lying
[Verse 3]

Keep all that to yourself lil nigga

What you need boy

I need a bad girl, a real cash girl

Got to show her ass, bruh

Left that other nigga in the past and they mad girl yeah

(Fuck you man)