Bitch you know it’s beanie

Got some drip that’s not too teenie, uh

Come up in your girl’s house

Give her what she always needing, uh
Sipping on some vodka and some Pine-Sol like it’s lemonade

Still can’t wait until the day all you haters go awaySplitting all these bitches like I’m eating Oreos, ey

Your girl’s on a diet, take her straight to Domino’s, ey

Fill her up on all the shit you said she’d never have

You are such a piece of shit, stop acting like her step dad

Fuck you bitch, you talking down to me?

Preparе to get stomped down

Your girl was the onе coming up to me

Thanks to my beanie soundDon’t you dare make me call the fucken pigs

Throw you in a vault

Make you shower, drop the soap

There it goes, your fucken faultWhy you always coming up to me just like I owe you something

Hit your forehead, praise the Lord

Tell em that the Beanie’s comingSecond time, come around

Shoot the fucken messenger

Kill him dead in cold blood

Beanie is the officerPass the trial, pass the peas

I know all your fucken needs

Now get down right on knees

Praise the Beanie, woe is meHahahahahaaaa

Yeah, yeah, yeah