Brothers Till The End

[Verse 1: beanie boy]
Ayo, its Beanie on the track

It’s like I’m stepping into slackIt’s like I’m stepping into new blue jeans that I wore

At our fucken winter concert

Damn, that shit was awesomeOn top of a car with my brother

Pointing at the crowd, everybody loved us

Singing bout riding downtown

Going toe-to-toe with BroadwayWe all hope to make it there one dayBut now we’re recording in our car

Hoping we can make it far

On a couple of dollars and a new dream

Hoping some day to have a concert on a new streetAnd while you still asleepWe concocting schemes

To make your ears breathe

And view our new life that we living

Hope to have a couple of mills for our childrenAnd a new boat

Man, that shit would be dopeHope to make there with my brother one day

Daneyl in the black playing some Beyoncé

Just like my parents say, everything will be okay

And someday I’ll pay em back with all the money from our schemes

All the money from our dreams

Make a quick buck and get the hell out

That shit ain’t what rapping’s about

We wanna project our dream

Straight onto the movie screenAll our fans will shout and scream

For my brother and our team

Praise the Beanie, praise the dream

Praise a couple dollars for a quick snack

Then we take it right back

To the parking lot

To record some shit

You haters never thought

We would make it this far

Now my brother’s taking it over for y’all to see

This ain’t just a fucken dream

D and I will be running these streets

Yeah[Verse 2: Daneyl}Danny’s in the mixThere’s no depiction of outsiders I ain’t never seen

To live the dream

Was fictitious

But our lives were meant

To be ambitious

We’re moving through goals and through wishes

Turning all of these rags into riches

I was nothing at all

A fat little brownie boy

Only bound to bedroom floors

New best friends in every toy

Bruises on my cheek

Hidden by glare at the floor

Retaliation I tried

I was kicked out the doorBut I became a better man

With some better hands

Leaned to live life

Like today was the only chance

And now we runnin’ with everything on the line

Recording in a mobile studio parked in the sun shine

The haters may not listen as they hit up the wine and dine

But we’ll stay hungry in composition sayin the world is mineCan you feel it T?

Revolutionary minds, with self taught degrees

Stay constant in the motion soon there’s land that we can see

Billboard in the millions

Net worths up to the billions

Cheers to ear a gazillionThe light is on the way

We’ll be super rich kids

I know someday

Be safe on a yacht

Million artists we taught

I know we’ll be stuck in the light

We just can’t miss our spot

The day is one the Avenue

Might break break a bone

Maybe loose a tooth

As long the day comes

We get to speak out truthFavoritism was against our names

But now we paint a different scene

Something they never seen

They were mean

Kicked two passionate teens

Called their minds absurd

But now with every word

Passion is stirredAnd we’ll never be shaken

This life that were taken

The memories we’ve been makin’

Livin’ up past purgatory

Betting down on a set of dice

Up to the next level

Livin’ life close to paradise

We livin’ life close to paradise