Waves of Time

Come and fly with me

Get high with me

Come and ride me

I’ve never felt this free
Never felt like me

Wanted to be on your screen

Want to be like M+B?

Just you and meCome and chill with me

Take a pill with me

See the pretty sights

Under all these pretty lights

But you the prettiest sight

Never put up a fight

Always felt just right

To take you by my sideNow I’m flying away

Thousands of miles away

I can’t see your face

Want you to be okay

Tell me are you K

I hope it’s just like you say

That you’re willing to stay

Even though I’ll see you today

I won’t be okayCause everyday just frightens me

Looking at my phone screen

I’m scrolling through pictures with you being happy

And wondering if it was because of meWith all our little jokes and little pokes

Were you getting annoyed or were you getting bored?

I would ask, but you say that nothing was up

And then my brain would freak out and just wouldn’t stopDo you wanna break up?

Or is my brain just frying

Make me think that I’m dying

When I should be thriving

It’s a couple of months alone, just relax, just dive in

You two will be fine, there’s no worries, was moving such a crime?

Cause in a minute I moved back

Right on my 18th birthday

And to see you again was thing that made me O.KCause it felt just right being by your waist

It truly lit up my face

To hear you goofy laugh

And to see your beautiful face

Sorry if I treated it like a raceBut I couldn’t wait another minute

My feelings were all balled up I just wanted to take a dive in

Right into your arms

For years I’ve felt harmed

But you made me feel safeSo a couple of months made me feel like a waste

And I dumped all the trash inside of me

Making me think that I wasn’t even worthy

Of your love, or your taste, I hope I ain’t a disgraceBut you seem happy to see me too

If this is love, I hope that it’s true

Cause after all these tears and fears

I just need to settle down

Hop up in my car, we can ride around town

I just hope you’ll stay with me

I may be a fuck-up but I’m yours to be

So just hold me tight and never let me see

The truth or reality surrounding me

Just tell me when its alright to say

That everything will be