Bishop BBC – They Watching lyrics


I can’t be believe that
Them dudes’ is watching me…
-I was never paranoid until Obama
-I can’t believe that he caught up in this drama

I can’t believe that
Them dudes’ is watching me…
-The way I’m fuckin with this music, man, am I next?
-The way I’m bussin on these dudes better protect my neck

They gotcha phone tapped
Whatcha gon do?
It ain’t them mutha fuckas
It’s your own fuckin crew
Big Brother dis
That’s this song
Big Brother fist
That shit’s strong
Better not say no shit that they don’t like
Cuz you never know who’s on the other side of that mic
It could be you people now
But what about the next guy
Acting like The Emperor
The Jedis be the tech guys
And the force is strong with them mutha fuckas
If we don’t do nothing now it won’t be long mutha fuckas
Till it’s back to the future, man, 1984
Yes I said the future, Conan, need I say no more?
I think I better not, cuz they prolly listening
And if they not listening then what good are them lists to them?
Lord Bishop, bitch, I’m a fuckin problem
They fuckin with my freedom, bitch, we gon get to mobbin’


It’s more than Verizon
Over the horizon
It’s a bad moon
Not Andre but it’s rising
Dirty bird, alright
I’m a Saint, bitch
I’m a compromise my freedom when they lick this taint, bitch
Who dat mutha fucka
That you think you are?
Putin mutha fucka, that USS- R
I ain’t terrorist so you don’t need my number
I could see if I was Chechen how you’d need my number
Like if somebody called you saying, “watch this dude”
Someone like Putin saying, “watch this dude”
Then maybe I could see
How you’d need my number
Then surely you
Could stop the next blunder
Well maybe not,
So leave my fuckin shit alone
How about not shitting on people with your fuckin drones?
Making more terrorists by the boatload…


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