Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – All Rise Lyrics

[Verse 1] Maybe I was yours to keep
Burning in the eyes you heap
Someday I will take your hand
Moving through another land

[Verse 2] And every single second tears
The skin from in front of you
But I’ll be right behind your eyes
Turning to another (?)

[Verse 3] And every single breath you take
Will be haunting, oh
Against the weight

[Verse 4] Maybe I was ‘sposed to fall
Turn into a sagging song
Every single heart forgive
Must’ve filled the arms of grace (?)

[Verse 5] I’ll be right behind your eyes
Working through the walls you light
Tell every single warmth betrayed
I’ll be holding on against the way(?)

[Verse 6] Moments only seem to pass
Days are never born to last
Without you I never had a chance
From the moment you left my hand
I was trying to be someone I can’t
But she wouldn’t let you back
Now I’m tired of waiting for you tonight

[Bridge] Oooh…

[Outro] Hanging on a single breath
Screaming ’til there’s nothing left
It’s just all we’ll ever find
Broken as all our minds

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