Blazon Stone – Merciless Pirate King Lyrics


Born in the docks, the father is gone
Abondoned to die, tho strong in his mind
Survived many years, without any hands to hold

Weathered and bruised, hateful and vile
Sailing away in a stolen galley
Not even twenty, with blood on his blade
Seeking his death in the fires of war

Gathering a crew of murdering seadogs
Nobody surive the raids
Stealing all the gold and whisky in sight
Leaving everything in flames

Damn the world, burn it down
Wash away the agony
Kill in the devils name
Merciless vengeance

Trade his soul, for the might
To be able to be free
From all these chains of hell
Holding the beast

Merciless, merciless pirate king! HOY!
Merciless, merciless pirate king! HOY!

Journing forever through insanity
What now has become is the evil inside
There’s no turning back, a fortune is at his head

Royal galleys and mercaneries
Hunting the man while sinking to death
Nobody dares to approach him no more
Cancel the wanted dead or alive

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