[Verse 1: mols]

I shoot a bloon like ooga booga, then I pull up with my shooters

Me and Force we [?]

Walk up to disabled person, nae nae, then I walk away

I shot ’em, then I shot ’em, then I shot ’em, then I shot ’em

Then I shot ’em, now he’s dead, what the heck sound effect (Bruh)

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, I catch him [?]

And if she homeless let him go and if she homeless she a hoe

I go, I go, I go, I go, I go, I go, I go, I go

Pull up on you with a M16 and MAC-11

Then I pull up on you, default dance just like my name is Tyler Blevins

I was writing lyrics with my homies [?] bars are blowing

Then I ran over a kid and shouted “Do you know the way”

I said “Fortnite is so gay” he said “Yes I know the way” then I shot him in the face, pow

Yes I got it goin’, goin’, then I gotta get Lil Force again

I eat it, rip it, dip it, whip it, sip it, flip it, ship it, mitten

[Verse 2: Lil Force]

Bloons tower TD, hope I get an STD

‘Cause I’m givin’ fucks on the top of a tower, see

Farting in a bloon, call it whoopie cushion

I’m pushin’ this baby when I’m [?] in a monkey ’cause I’m killin’ every one of ’em

I’m stuntin’ and [?] on every one of them

Givin’ ’em the brown bird that they’re livin’ in

I was chillin’ with MOL$ killin’ shitty kids

Never been the one to ever be regrettin’ it, ’cause I’m hella lit

Bitch, you a bitch, hittin’ licks

What that even mean? Sippin’ lean in a bean ’cause I’m clean bitch

I be killin’ fees bitch, I be so [?] bitch

I be wearin’ crocs, ’cause I’m boss, ’cause I’m flee bitch

I was playin’ on shooters like it’s PVZ, whippin’ all the monkeys like it’s slavery

(Um, that’s racist, you took it too far)

No it’s not, steppin’ up to me, better not

Let me show you why no one cares, that’s a mistake sir
[Outro: Lil Force]

Yeah, yeah

I couldn’t really do a fast flow on this song

No I couldn’t, no I couldn’t, yeah