Bradley Layne & kid c. – AM I? Lyrics


{Verse 1: kid c.] I’ve been real shit for a long ass time
When they see me as Corey TheHuman
They think that I SoundCloud died
When they hear everything that I’m doing
They wishing they helped that guy
I don’t need any help
I’ma do it myself, yeah, the belt is mine
I’ve been spittin’ the shit, am I killing it?
Yeah, am I making the bricks, I don’t know
I’ve been wishing that I could blow up, yeah
I’m wanting a lot and I’m hoping to sell out the shows
And they wanting a dick cause nobody want listen to nice guys
They want a prick and somebody who can lie
They wanna live out a crazy ass damn life
What if I wanna just sing, will the fans like?
Bet they won’t, no
Bet they won’t know ’til I up and I go
Bet they hope though
Bet the home that I’ve been livin’ in ‘gon go
Bet they go “whoa”
Bet they go “what the fuck happened” and they go
“Where did he go?
Did he give up, was he alone?”
Everybody tryna move on
I don’t have places to move, nah
I made mistakes and I choose wrong
Tryna save face but I lose, uh
Feeling outdated, not new, huh
Happy belated one thousand, yeah
Maybe I’m lazy or am I outstanding, yeah
You actin’ crazy, you ain’t understanding me

[Instrumental Interlude] [Verse 2: kid c.] Try and understand me
You want the upper hand, gee
You wonder if it’s planned
“He ain’t depressed, that bitch is happy”
They tryna reprimand me
No bitch would wanna have me
I’m doomed and they all glad
“We ain’t dealing with your trash”
“Yeah, we done with your sad ass
Get your bags and get ’em packed
Where the fuck is {RUINED RAP]?”
It ain’t coming, was it planned?
Oh, you angry, now you mad?
Bitch, I’m lying, now you fans
I’ve been trying harder, say it louder
Scream it if you can
You wanna be me, you a Stan
I’ma beat you like your dad
Shoutout $eajay, shoutout Brad
Shoutout deject, shoutout Matt
Really feel like I’m so lost
Is it last or is it last?
Where I’m coming ain’t the top
At the bottom, I’m the WORST
Wanna leave this fucking earth
Heart is beating, that’s a first
Am I human, am I kid
Or am I Corey? They all hurt
Am I human, am I kid
Or am I Corey? They all hurt
Am I human, am I Corey or
Am I kid? Cause they all hurt