Casper Skulls – Colour Of The Outside Lyrics


I stand in a column
I’ve found the face of one
They’re apart of these
Bad ones after me
Timeless god-fearing mercies
Is there still room for me?
I’m not one of the wise ones
I am a shape lost in the patchwork

Colour of the outside
Lawless by the springtime
Lay down your mountain son
We all live in death’s house
Trying to find our way out
No one knows where they’re from
The sun

Malicious by every measure
Instinct turns to vapor
Periphery becomes red
Humanity thins and tapers
Clatter spews from broadcast
Coverage dies as days pass
A channel for pleasure
There is a place and they’re waiting for you

I see the world breakdown
Lost in the static, blowin’
They want you to be defined
Come in the lines from the outside
I hear the radar squealing
Like I forgot the feeling
A message that they’re steering
One that I’m not hearing
Colour of the outside

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