Casper Skulls – I Stared At “Moses And The Burning Bush” Lyrics


Idle in eden, wait for heaven
Look for a hope to drag me around
Call to the wonder, a slightest chance
A small vex to pull me down

I stared at “Moses and the Burning Bush”
I saw my peril in a strange light
Stumble into thought, let years pass by
Feel sorry for myself through the clarity of hindsight

The wires of my fear swim through waves in the air
Catch the spurts of a stare that I keep by my side
Spectre of pride, a vindictive stride
A vengeful valor born out of a cryptic mind

I could follow the day like a dark cloud
But your love keeps me a dry land
The company you keep will betray you
Because your devotion sells for nothing
And if the company you keep is just yourself
Than you will sell yourself for nothing
Just to be seen by anyone else

Flesh obscures beauty, like a strange light
Charm and travail, it digs a hole in my mind
Filled with insects and dead day sunsets
God’s love is a drunk love but yours is one to hide

The chiming sound of triumph and pain
Sister of mercy cut her wrists on the summer lawns
And the blood moon ticks like a shotgun shell
Or a copper wish falling down a wishing well
Just to be heard by anyone else

I stared at “Moses and the Burning Bush”

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