Casper Skulls – The Science Of Dichotomies Lyrics


Split separation dragged over a union of lust
Panels of thoughts peel, the base of my being rusts
Vaults of my values are filled with only my half-truths
My finest virtues are the things I present to you
I’m just sitting still, dozing on the edge of your hill
I’ve got time to kill, the last rest is a slow moon rising

Half of you is half of me
There is a sense of tact to keep polarity
Two thoughts in the crosswires of calamity
Folding on the science of dichotomies

Split myself in two and give the other half to you
Look into the corners of sorrow to find something new
Your intellect feels like velvet, my soul feels like stone
Hollow out my spirit, douse my ego, bury my hope
Spring into your sight, hold my flaws over half-light
Colour my pitfalls white, the last rest is a slow moon rising

The corral of my conscience, the partition of my principles
Slips away into antipathy and now I’m miserable
It clatters out of a world that was once apart of me
And it turns loose into the wind
A body lifeless, when eyes become stale
Mother mercy screams to the sky
Love will prevail
It shakes me to my knees, shapes the dichotomies
Ruthless or tender, my love that I send her

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