Casper Skulls – What’s That Good For Lyrics


Sirens swag on the deep
“It’s not me” you retort
Protecting no one while they kill
For their own killing sport

Stones of law, bricks of mercy
Punishment without mother wit
Arrogance without reason and fustian flaws
Quit pretending like you give a shit

A jape on Fox
Lauds the cops
While liberty repents and people resent

A nation under God, a nation that brushes off
Any truth or reason, morality for treason
You got no facts, than don’t attack
It’s not time to get sore
You complain about what you adore
What’s that good for

Pillow of ethereal, spot the imperial
They want you to be depraved
Transcribe the media if you can stand tedium
The fear of a crimewave

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