Chamillionaire – Muffled / M.I.C Lyrics


Welcome to this classic, masses, how y’all been?
Been a while since I styled and whiled in with the pen
Word again, my lines are sin, and they critical
Niggas minimal when they spitting, they rhythm is miniscule
My picture pivot, the rhymes hard like minerals

And all for leaving cats, hurting and bleeding menstruals
Bitch was getting into you, the lines got sharper
He must’ve been in class moving arms like the northern north
Just been bothered of this fall from Mars
Usually they floss, it cost them and they first to calm first
With they ‘but my balls with stars, they boss and stop
They bosses is off the yard, they fall from cars
I beat them up, 1, 2, 3
There goes the champ next to camp full of fake MCs
They basically awaiting me and vacancy the latency
But lately been making cheese
Look how’s on the track, this rolling on revival
Tryina get high, this cipher was my lighter
Rappers try to keep their heads above water
I slow it up, any nigga rabbet with my ‘
I court you, slipping all your corpses, missing my daughter
Listen, there’s never no remorse from spitting, I’m awesome with it
Torching all the competition, the odds are dissing, they’re lower than I thought
No kidding, this awkward feeling, in with the crowd around you
Things about to hound you, your mens are clowns
You don’t understand, they drown you
I’mma stand it out for you, bout to stand to stand, I doubt you
Now I’m taking the game over too easy
They need me, they deceive me, they get queasy
Believe me, your clothes are greasy, I’m getting greedy
I’m done with all these rappers, now can somebody feed me?

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