Circuit Des Yeux – Brainshift Lyrics

[Verse 1] Brainshift
Came like a tidal wave
Closest to the the Sun you’ve been
One thousand miles away
There you’ll see the clouds
And crawl out the rain

[Chorus] The world wants to know
But all you can say
Is “I promise to take up space
I can only promise to take up space”

[Verse 2] Brainshift
You forgot what it was you were trying to say
To the friend you’re talking to
But you can’t remember his name
Or your reason for being

[Chorus] He wants a word
But all you can think is
“He’s playing these blues for you
Two bucks maybe you know [?] All I’m trying to
Resemble a type of life I once knew”

[Verse 3] Brainshift
Going ballistic over the horizon
Everything’s changing
And your minds playing all these time tricks
While a machine on display
Tells you what day it is

[Chorus] Cause it all feels the same
You’re just a container containing space
You’re just a container containing space

[Outro] During this brainshift

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