Circuit Des Yeux – Philo Lyrics


Looking back on the day you came to life
If it were [?] ‘cross the rocks
Searching for a spot
You’ve only heard about

The place people chase
Certain for [?] And you’re way up high
You in the centre of it all
And arm’s ready to catch the fall

And you see the way the wave comes in sight
[?] down and to the right
Time, place, name and age
And in this moment

You feel the openness
You feel the newness
The great allignment
The redefinement

When you’re on the edge
You’ll know the sky
In the trees they [?] from you
[?] from you

To surrender surrender surrender
Now my hands are in the air

I’m saying that I am here
I’m saying this moment is coming down on you
Just the way it’s supposed to
Way down on you
Call it something new

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