Coal Cash – Cure and Maintenance (Priests of Baal) Lyrics


Yeah, yeah
Yo check it out yo
You’re gonna learn today

Goodness gracious I know no stasis cuz I’m so loquacious
Basis of winning roll/role, spin out of control feel like I’m folding aces
Bodacious flow, I grow for acres till oasis shows
Manifold through spaces, how many faces does the matrix code
Veracious road tenacious Soles/souls towing the stow aways
Know the days you hold will find you old foretold by rose decay
It shows the way in the minutes weigh to lay the options out
In doubt of the righteous doctrine? don’t get boxed in by what you’re blocking out
Forgot the route of the clout I’m notching, now I’m watching out
For sprouts of devout blossoms hiding the toxin of a cotton mouth
No clocking out, forever watching, you better watch your mouth
New teeth won’t come cheap so you can keep um after I knock um out
No shock about the scalping when vouching to come off the top
Adopt the Hip-Hop breed to son emcees as their new foster-pops
Unorthodox, I’ve lost a lot but I’m over this bitch
At this degree emcees look up to me like a solar eclipse

Ship wreck for salvage, lost at sea, foreign patronage
Consent to common law, I implore cure and maintenance
Attempts to stand on dry land, the curse I’m lifting it infinite living man grander than the birth certificate

If living is learning then I’ll live to determine
If it’s yearning for its wisdom, it’s a prison of burden
Cuz we’re hurting visibly, the more wisdom increase the misery
And history holds the leash to where the pieces end up physically
So future wizardry is just a mystery of yesteryear
Disappear in a zephyr while conjecture was sequestered here
I hear Tesla speak with his specter through a tesseract
Trapped in a Dodeca (hedron) gave its architecture pressure cracks
The fact stretcher, I electrify through western sky
You’ll cry when your flesh burns, confirmed to make the best turn shy
The mind discern darkened light when it turns to grey
Brave hearts return, mothafuckers are gonna learn today
Determined way when I pray that my sermon will sway
From uncertain perversions, diversions to certainly stray
I slay serpents, weigh the circumstance, usurp their plans
Commanding insurgents who are divergent to internment camps


Feel insane in my mannerism, trying to expand my vision
Imprisoned by wisdom’s pain, I’ll probably be slain by brain aneurysm
A phantom enchained to material gain of imperial reign
Became an apparition that has risen from Ethereal planes
They’re really profane claiming it’s mundane but I’m unchained
Cuz my tongues contains lava spitting hotter than the sun’s flame
I numb pain, complain for fun succumb to dumb strain
Refraining from none and the day may come when we get some fame
If none claim us as famous, outrageous facts of life
Then I’ll light my way back with acroamatic tracks for acolytes
No captive life cuz I rap to fight the priests of Baal
Won’t hail in judges honor when he dishonors every oath he fails
Prevail justice, they entrust us with a cargo slip
Equipped us with a strawman but on land they can’t embargo shit
Disband your clique, strip the power that’s invested
Contested by the republic who can have the judges arrested

(Hook – 4X)

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