Coal Cash – Skinner Box (Saturn’s Cube) Lyrics


Learn to love forgive the ones that you hate
So you can find forgiveness on the day we escape
Never hold a grudge cuz it’s only a weight
Time to rise above it’s a matter of faith
Cuz the blind man sees everyone’s the same color
To my sisters and brothers it’s time to love one another
Rise above all the clouds of doubt
Easy to take a life harder to live one out

Back in a cage, we’re just rats in a maze
We were made to be entrapped and react like a slave
A pit of um slayed in the interim
Considered um paid fitted for bums in little slums of their minimum wage
Little ones raised in a haze of the daze confused
A pitiful age their eyes glaze as they praise the news
Outrageous rules, plagues and flu’s, a keg of booze
Confusion for bums begging for crumbs of contagious food
Noosing the young, a maelstrom of devout fun
That has numbed them out on the master route, watch the mouse run
A fun house to dumb out, you come out all strung out
A thumb out the hike for the spike when the heroin run out
You spun out on ice, the price to entice the mice of men
Chasing the cheese, racing the lead on how your life will end
With sight cleansed of the woes of the rose colored lens
Events of history show, if kept tow will bestow again


Brothers and sisters the world is what you make of it
Anchored to hatred, what does it take for us to break from it
Forsaken with all this misfortune and misery
Prisoners to our past instead of wisdom from our history
As mystery schools try to fool us in the sacrilege
Attracting kids clueless, to rule us in how we actually live
A captive grid crack your lids from the phones you hold
Silence is consent, being content of what you’re shown and told
A lonely road if you chose to speak the truth in life
Many like the noose thinking it’s no use, rather choose to hide
Tied to excuse became recluse what can we do about it
Doubt is surrender this tool our chance withdrew and its cuz you allowed it
We feud about it on the internet
An intellect of insects on the web linked in thinking we’re the dinner guests
I’ve been a pest to the nest, contest the hive mind
It’s high time to change instead of complaining on the side line


Your insight irrelevant when I entice these elements
Development in the womb bloom with superhuman intelligence
The elephant in the room a monsoon of barbaric sin
That begins as a boon became our doom through experiment
Americans consume assume abundance in the resource
We’ve recoursed the ruin and crashed the moon into the seashore
So more power Egor, proceed fourth no detour
No heed for concede in our need our greed will bleed war
We leave the poor hungry after destroying countries
And once we absolve we say we’ve evolved from monkeys
Unevolved with junkies, nodding out as we ignore it
As torrid waves crest flooding death inside its torrents
Exorbitant quest to manifest in world order
Offer to quench of thirst then poison the earth’s water
We slaughter the paupers and offer um no quarter
And force freedom for all then put up walls at our borders


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