Crack of Integrity

Intro: [YSeek]

Well now really

When we go back, then, to falling in love

And say it’s crazy


You see, we don’t say rising into love

There is in it the idea of the fall
Verse 1: [Fenksta]

It’s easy to show you my charming side

You saw through my sorrow, that I often cried

“Why are you so sad ?”, she asked the second we met

“Are you the one?”, so I made you mine – no regrets

I spoke the truth, saw you were wise

My shadow will shine because of your light

I show you oncе more who I really am

Touched a random girl in front of you, еscalated to a million

Thinking you should run, the seed was ready to glow

Pride’ll be my downfall, I want to acknowledge it all

Is this the right decision here ?

Shouldn’t you prep your body ? Don’t talk in fear

Rude, senseless

Truth is there’s a gap in what I say and a I choose, full of pretenses

You see, how could I answer the divine

When my own head is not entirely mine ?

Verse 2: [Fenksta]

My legs were shaking when I made the suggestion

This pending disaster should vanish by injection

What do I say to my sisters ? To my mom ? To me ?

I bring them flowers every week

Tell ’em a tale of how I treated something that was ours

We’re all adults here, pushing 40

We’re not a match, but please show up for me, at least financially

Four months you weeped alone, lying in your bed in pain

While I thought of how life is beautiful

And explored all the things I took in vain

All the things except the most important

Of being a manVerse 3: [Fenksta]

Please understand

My mind was in a condition

To test selfishness and self-love, and their definition

I had to see their difference, don’t be mad

This is how I finally get approval from my dad

NO! It wasn’t a creation

It was a mistake, probably yours

You wanna play the blame game ? It figures, of course

I never said ‘Forgive me’, I never said ‘Goodbye’

After all this time I never looked you in the eye

While you try and try and try to reach to me

‘Cause you can’t believe that this inhumane monster is me

The one who begged YOU not to fuck with him

“Hey, you should love yourself more”

The audacity to even say

But love was what I desperately need

So who got this the wrong way ?

But I politely answer your texts of grief

I guessed I hoped for forgiveness, a relief

God made me run into you in the streets as a glance

Did I get a shot to explain myself ? A second chance ?

But I walk past you like a ghost, a ghost that I am

A ghost, a ghost, a ghost that I am

A lost shell-like vision of a man

Bridge / Dance breakVerse 4: [Fenksta]

But you know my friend Time ?

I’ve been brought to reckoning

Today my grandpa died and I finally see

Are you tired of surviving men like me ?

God or the Devil have no play in the ways we met

I call it fate, it was all us, and it was real

While I travel the world to find peace

And explore all the things I call destiny

All the things except the most important

Human integrityVerse 5: [YSeek]

That night by the river, you should believed me what I said

I am a drama addict, that’s exactly what I meant

You think this adult masquerade is easy

And that my soul is not poisoned

Yes, YES – I am an avoidant

So you’re all grown up and take my red flags as a bouquet ?

Now who the fuck are you trying to portray ?

How many liters of disappointment for a lost soul like me ?

Please, please, you must accept my apology

My ex broke my heart, that narcissist was the worst

I don’t know how to communicate, so why didn’t you leave me first ?

I can’t handle this, please

I can’t hold space for your pain

I – I know you’re the one to blame

I’ll always have me

‘Cause living in the moment is the key