Cultured Sadism

Exploited in the name of science or a victim in a ruthless man’s game

Feeling creatures are denied a worthy existence, whose sole purpose in life is to be maimed
So this is technology at its utmost best, tortured in a world of pain lives the animal of abuse

All of their innocent suffering is real, now it’s time you learn just how the animals feelTears of blood, fears of another day, maintain a life of relentless pain

Be it vivisected in a test for vanity or toyed with for a profit motive, these victims of a crime in cruelty have no voice in which to speak and their freedom is our responsibility

And we’ll take it by the means necessaryHands off the animals

Hands off the animals

Hands off the animals

You have best keep your hands off!

Animals are not the object of your amusement

Animals are not the answer for our cures

Animals are not the fillers for our appetites

The human is the most brutally sadistic animal of all