Seizure of Charecter

Within pools of anamnesis, fluid memories come to rest

Recollection becomes weakness, I taste the salt of consciousness

Order by turmoil my mortal toils bend and boil, before the void

An absence of abstentiousness
In the wake of cerebral earthquakes

Fissures of the mind divide between truth and time

Seizure of character

Where love and lies coincide

My forgottеn lines define my caricaturе

I am my own imposter

These staples in my skull won’t piece back together my personality

Shadows of memories slithering through my sanity I keep seeking

Peace of mind consumed by mortality

Forgotten nature, measured in pints of blood loss

Concussive brain rot, buried are the parts of myself that I forgot

Somniphobic existentialism keeps my eyes wide open as I stare at the walls within

Terrified through the night, mortified by the lightRedefine purpose, rediscover depth

Become the catalyst and awaken from death

Now, Awaken from death