D.R.Y.D – Snippet Lyrics


Intro (Frank Sinatra)
Start spreading the news…
Start spreading the news…
Start Spreading the news…

Verse (D.R.Y.D)
Dropping a tape soon the track you hearing right now
Is something that I’ve never ever tried before
Refrain from saying my name anymore
If your gonna diss me at least give me some fame
But i guess i have to name you because your tracks are so lame
But it’s gonna take you fifteen years from now to tame me
Unlikely that you could do it any quicker than me
Come to test me have you like a cat stuck up in a tree
Holy shit man I’ve tried rapping for the first time
Before you know it ill be trapping for a long time
This could be short, this could be long, i don’t understand
But a rap career is not a time to waste time man
From young Sinatra to logic to X to Ski to Peep
Those are the people who are always on the fucking grind
People like lil pump ain’t ever working hard maybe raps a bit blind
Than man by the name of Joyner took shots at bobby
Bobby came back and put Joyner in his place
The only thing we can do is prey that Joyner survives
But it’s highly unlikley that he will come back from the dead
I’ve gone out and just said dumb shit and now it’s over
Or is it over your better run quick before someone hit’s the lick

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