Da$h – Brighton Beach Lyrics


I don’t mean to be rude but
Yeah, what’s up?
King of space, bitch from Spain
Is the kitchen made?
Getting paying tonight my mother

And disarray
Bought the book and never read a page
Burning the 50 feel like Nikki Cage
Bought a 60 2nds
Every time we speak these people cry
That’s why I stick to texting
Smoke the rope before I send the message
Sending homies to the very ending
Say without me no doubt, can’t reply
So I just hit the exit, fuck me, that’s my luck
An interminable pussy drunk
Flight across the country just to chase the…
Rolling stone roll the stone
Just too many places
How many lives I’m living, 4 or 5?
Each one I’m surely high
Y’all of fake ID
As I’m checking in the ward off
Fucking war lord
Rushing esker up and run me till my balls soft
What the fuck you think I made these bars for?
Call dope and bandits
Bitch’s ass like an allergic reaction
She serves my affection
Smoke some shit that should’ve came with a caption
Her actions be considered as classic
Nigger, I fucking meant that
Free maverick and all my other Codes
Every chance I get I tell a cop to blow me
Press man like a 40 and a half an ounce
Bitch’s home town be some shit and nigger can’t pronounce
Stashing drugs under a sand blouse
Life a movie, bottom rape shit is panting out
Yeah man, quarter in my drinks and don’t care flow
My own mother think I’m an asshole
So think I care about a bashful nigger
Hope that I don’t catch you nigger
Stop your…and take the loss
Slide off in a evasion’s poss.
Nigger, I tend to mkake the rules
My niggers break the laws
Just the cops
What’s up?

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