I hate hits

Man I hate singles

I’d rather listen through the album

Sip pop with ham and Pringles

Get all the little tingles that you get the first impression

Like a blind date, even if it’s bad

It’s more refreshing than

Than mixed emotions for months straight

Specially if that shit comes out late

They edge you for something great

A light 6 for you to contemplate

Man that shit makes me frustrated

I’d rather be sedated

Premature stardom is instigatеd

Young stars become the idols that thеy hated

Say they would’ve traded the life of luxury

So the big man would stop touching me

Now every child vocalist

Is in the gutter broke as shit

Yet the industry will tell you “that’s the one you wanna be”

If it were me, I’d keep my green

And be an indie, who is free

Release a lyric under my name

And not play some marketing game

I get you want big shows

And have a hit like Gotye

You’ll be somebody we used to know

We wonder what that one hit made

I’d rather have a group who cares for me

Without mainstream success

Then have the biggest single in the world

And play it in excessAnd one thing you may find is if you become there little plant

The industry tells you what to do

And what you can’t

Tell play the part and don’t be silly

Then take all those millis’

And eat French vanilla ice cream

While crowd sings a long with loud scream

They count up all the money

Change and bills makes the labels C.R.E.A.M

Cause cash rules everything around music

And if it can go against the label than you can’t use it

And yeah they’ll drain you, train you

Just to entertain fools

They make you lose the sight of makes life really valuable

They take the chance cause just your 13

To shape you cause your malleable

They’ll turn from menudo

To a freak watched by el Mundo

You wanna rap

Make Beats for trap

You’ll make a track for pop in a snap

We could say you have freedoms but that’s really cap

I’m not angry at everyone

I just wanna to make my raps

And I’m just having a little bit of fun

But I know that once it’s begun

There’s no room to hide

And there’s no where to run

So I’m keeping my rights

I’m keeping my mind

Maybe they’ll be ahead

But I won’t be far behind

I’ll be remembered

When they find the label dead

I’m real far away from the dreams that I want

But that don’t mean I want all the money they taunt

I’ll be richer than Diddy

Have my man-made city

I’ll get there myself

Without Kanye’s help

I’ll make my own good music

I won’t sell my bars

They’ll die with my temple

Not held by these new stars

I’ll make it one day

And my mom will be proud

That I keep to my word

And I didn’t sell out

Cause if I’m on commercial

You know that I’ve failed

My power is lost

That ship will have sailed

So I’ll try to be true

For me and T and you