Lovers By The Water

I look at you, and you’re the vision in my dreams

Let me take you in a walk, stand in the sand in front of the sea

We could watch the sun together

Lock fingers while rises

Tell me about your life

And I’ll keep my butterflies in

Once you look a lil’ darker, we can jump in the water

Swim to the ocean floor

Find all the stars and the sponges

Show you how well I can swim

Like all these fish are my cousins

Then head back to shore

Right back into the oven

Dry your skin in the light

Make your body look golden

Don’t think about the future

Just think about this moment

I want you in my life

Girl you really know it

I know it’s wishful thinking

But this hope is what I’m holdin’

First let me ask you wusyaname

And ill give you a different letter

Then we could play a board game

And talk about The Creator

I want you in my life like I want air in my lungs

You don’t know what’s coming next

Many serenades to be sung

And this I promise

Without you I’m blue like Thomas

I’m not a god, no Adonis

But I’ll treat you like you a goddess

Put your name in my phone

Or put it under wifey

Don’t want you just for a night

I want you for my whole life-y
Let’s talk about our interests

And what we have inside

I do like to go deeper

So girl be prepared to ride

I’ll ask about your past

And I’ll tell you about your future

Tell you there ain’t another brother

Who with you could be more cuterThis may be corny

But I wanna wake up with you in the morning

Tell you my bed time stories

Get up in the kitchen in all our glory

You’ll handle the honey buns

While I handle the syrup

So good it might make you curl up

And I know this is a lot to ask

But I’m tryin’

You’re like the air that I breathe

If you ain’t there, then I’m dying

I want the love your supplying

The days and night that we’re crying

There’s something here, don’t be denying

I know to yourself you’ll be lyingYou and me could touch the sky and

You’ll be my dandelion

There’s much more hills to be climbing

To have you far is indicting

Cause you make my life exciting

Your love is like an apple and into it I’m bitingThis is my perfect vision 2020 winning like Biden

I know without you in my life

I would always be crying

They ask me who’s my source for love and

Girl your the one that I citingCan’t you see

Love of my life

Can’t you see

Love of my life

Can’t you see

Baby I know

It could be hard

I want you in my life

Can’t you see

You’re the love of my life

Can’t you see