I’m tryin hard the chase the bag

Before I sag, buy a jag

Complain to agent about my case of jet lag

Sold out seats in the Garden

Sell more records than Marvin

I’ll be talked about more than when Nixon got the pardon

Sit high above all my enemies

National like Yosemite

Be heavenly, hot and heavy

I’ll be ready

I’ll have my cake and eat it too

Call up Drake, and write his blues

For gods sake, I’ll be the new

With an Afro too

Sеllin rhymes

They’ll see me at onе day I’ll bring their DOOM

Out of this word like the moon

Turn up the tunes
Hear a song on the radio

Ask me, “Is this you?”

Ya dass ya boy

Makin moves like Walt and Roy

The records I will deployA million one, a million ten

Building my empire daily

Till I have a million then

Multi platinum certified

Next big thing, you can’t deny

More albums in every size

Livin life close to paradise

For the ice, I’ll pay the highest price

And I’ll pay it twice, it’ll be so nice

Number 1, Billboard 200

How many millions?

Last time I checked it’s still comin’

Rolling Stones lovin’

My anthem drummin’

Standin’ ovation is absolutely necessary

I’ll be bass boosting out your capillaries

Haters asking me to come back home like Gary

I have the ability to sustain

Number 1 player in the game

Lovers on every plain

Makin’ hits in my own lane

Be screaming my family name

Up, up