Deadline (metal band) – Burn Lyrics


There’s a malice in your eyes
There’s a poison in your lies
Can’t hear what you say
Doesn’t matter anyway
In the ashes you will see
Remains of society
Dark writings on the wall
Foretell mankind’s fall
Famine, war and disease
Cold feel of death’s breeze
Time to see what we’ve learnt
Before our souls are burnt

Never ending screams
Have come to haunt my dreams
Nowhere to run and hide
From our own genocide
Torn bodies fill the streets
Caused by greed and deceit
Wasted prayers are said
For the living and the dead
Horror, despair and agony
All part of destiny
Judged by the ones who weren’t?
One by one our souls are burnt

Death’s shadowy embrace
Now holds me face to face
Tearing deep within my skin
Faded eyes can see
True evil within me
Broken mirror of my life
Cuts my soul with a knife

Death’s shadowy embrace
Now holds me face to face
Faded eyes can see
Real evil is me
Sorrow, scorn and regret
Time to repay my debt
To ashes I will return
As the gods watch me burn

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