Deadline (metal band) – Thorn in My Side Lyrics


You give me your promise of forever
Can I trust what you say?
With that broken chip on your shoulder
You give me your play
I’ve seen it all, I’m not naïve
It’s nothing new, your heartless sleeve
Your fragile ways, your decaence
Your toxic games, your irreverence

[Chorus] You’ve crossed your bridge of life
And you’ve climbed your mountain of pride
And you love the power
But you’re a thorn in my side

Your man-killing days aren’t over
That’s what you do
Running round you’re acting clean and sober
Tell me ‘what’s the use?’
You say a prayer, you close your eyes
You pout your lips, you live off lies
Your masquerade, your pantomime
Your foolish thoughts, another line


I gaze up the skies tearing open
And I fall to my knees
Our sunset, impure and broken
No longer will I believe

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