[verse 1]

Imagine me with all of us

Imagine me never bustin, Five-nine could crop dust it

Imagine me in the shawty, shorty

Bumpin’ Conceited by “Milli”

One, two…

Betted in Life’s Gambit, yeah

Too many hoes on my D-I-C-K

I run the game like V-I-C-K

You talkin’ maniacs, no schiz-o-phren-ic

I can work that thing back and (tongue back)

Oceanic Feeling

I’ma be little bro, and I swam back and repeated

Fast-forward in 10 years with toes down inna Avenir

I sit around, green thumb, countin’ Mills finna


Touch me! Fuck me, I grew this tree with no cages

Picked up in a coupe; and when you hop out, that shit hiss like Ferralligator

I’m murdering the game like Steppenwolf, what you saying?

You ‘bout to get sprayed, slide under the fence with the tense


Imagine me with all of us

Imagine me never bustin, Five-nine could crop dust it

Imagine me in the shawty, shorty, I been pushing this McLaren, imagine me in the Bentley, Bumpin’ Conceited by “Milli” probably be with my Brodies

I say it’s all of us so, probably at City Walk

Prolly talking with plants, I might take it with Soda, she poppin’ a molly, maybe it was Sarah with her

I wish she was good, maybe she could talk to me carlmly, and then she is just another Brodie

The only thing that’s Holy is this girls Matrimony

Fine, glued to this shine
(Thought of the thought of the thought of the thought of the thought…)[verse 2]

Moral and Learned world a complete triumph for the Dieathon

Spin the shit; I be up on it

As I live; All Die Honest!

Chaos Ensemble; I pump shawties, i crash parties!

Fast forward 5 years;)

I was sent flying, beaten to my faulties!

Dismissed without a shred of credit or a ray of humor to comfort me

I had taken leave of the world in which I had once found a home… a world of music and flakk given to Mac for drug ads and crap in the manner of the man with a weak plan

But. When kansas flip, you start losing two and two like a Bluetooth

A fun fair, with Bugs’s Bae

Call it:

Lola Pallooza for the folk lore

And I have nothing to prove, except I’m a dreamer with shoes, accept your significances

Like a Nyan Cat with

Oreo Kittens, shit, hit me up faster!

I’m a traveling man, I found her, ran her her Cat

I’m lonely inside of expensive interior

Hit up yo numbers and tap on my phone