High places


(Yeah) (Alright now) (Flightz) (Lelele le let’s do iiiiiiiit)
[Pre- hook]

Steady smokin yeah

(x2) Flight Boss steady smokin

Im a ghost bitch(Verse 1)

Flight Boss bitch came back from the Netherlands where very very lost souls can’t stand the weather man in a caravan with no purpose to life smokin make sure that the purple is right fuck around you might get murdered tonight I’m Doelow my nigga I’m purging tonight I’m something you never heard before something that you never seen beforе directions I’m giving you need to go cuz yo shit is so unbelievablе believe it bro that’s why you don’t need a hoe because you act like one yaself and when the same energy come together all it do is cause friction y’all are not at all different put you all in the same box tryna talk about some other shit you are wae outcha range akh I be smokin til my game drop trust me nigga you are not sure here’s something that don’t make sense when I die bury me on the top floor yo energy show me you ain’t in no balance that’s the reason why God never gave you no talent I smoke just to go up in space it’s a habit just to make me a palace and scratch my nutsack that hang on a phallus Flight Boss Bitch

{Hook x2}

Bitch I be smokin airy minute bitch I be smokin airy minute

Flight Boss you can tell I’m lifted(Verse 2)

Aw yeah it’s the Pilotman in the astral world on a low low tip had a conversation with your oversoul they say you don’t know shit nigga I’m Doelow bitch treat you niggas like Amistad all you niggas claimin amen-ra man you might as well sae I am God I’m been to high places had to come back down to earth but I feel like my time wasted these niggas done violated you was never on my spaceship you will never understand anything I sae cuz ya mind racist and your spirit and vibe tainted just look at yo vibrations I got to detach and like a rehatch I don’t need that some of you niggas need rehab (yeah) for being mentally retarded you are physically departed you are spiritually in carnage the shit you kickin me is garbage (garbage) check and believe I be mindin my mind That’s one of the reasons I’m high all the time look up right now see me fly through the sky I’m floating in trippin you know the FlightBoss smokin and lifted{Hook x2}