Drowned in the River

Oh, She was waiting for her life to begin but didn’t

I was heading to the bar, just to be social

But then I stop – for a smoke down by the river
She was hanging from a branch from where her children once played

And I was walking with a gun and an old rusty razor bladeIf John was there would you drown me in the river

And she is just looking on, her legs dangle in the airAnd her mumma said that she’d meet us in the river

Her floating dress now stained with the blood of sinners

If I had my clothes they would be soddenеd by the river

My leathеred skin feels like brail to my GodYou could take my soul but the soul has all been given

I feel her hand as we drowned in the riverGod is for the living baby I was in a rut

Bloody guns and razor blades, yeah I don’t give a £$^%Got no use for sodden clothes

As your soul comes racing byI don’t care it’s out of my hair

Our bodies are born to %$£$%^& dieDrowned in the river