EarthGang – So Many Feelings Lyrics

[Intro] 5:06 AM
Feel like I should go to sleep
Yeah, try to do this one time

[Verse 1: Lil Cole] I feel like Farrakhan with the 40 ounce
Malcolm X pushing his glasses up in V-live watching all the shawtys bounce
I feel like Oprah Winfrey with 10 G’s, no flexin’
Pimp C’s Rolex shining on these hoes heads
I feel like Erykah’s pussy, enough said
Nigga heart like WorldStar
Nigga head like Bel’Air
Feel like my bitch only truly feel me when I’m filling up her buggy
When I send her out for fresh nails and a new pack of

[Verse 2: Johnny Venus] I’m feeling cocky in my Nike Airs
Extra sensitive to sacrad bitch
So who the fuck you playing with?
I feel the anger oozing out my family portraits
Who knew posing in the gutter could turn out so gorgeous, ooh?
Nigga Metta World Peace with my metamorphosis
Hey Arnold, all these bandwagon fans boarding
I feel like Marvin Gaye on his birthday
Sometimes I feel like God on her worst day

[Verse 3: Doctur Dot] Feeling like a breath of fresh air
Or Sanaa Lathan’s sundress
Feel like I been numb for so long
Can’t remember feelin’ nothing else
Feel R. Kelly overdid it and Aaliyah wasn’t done yet
Fuck it what do I know, you get the concept
I feel a woop coming on
But a fly Tootsie Roll
Black and young, flaming hots, and a scratch-off for my mom
Feel like Kool-Aid in a sandwich bag
Live from the [?], natural habitat
Trick up my sleeve alakazam, no Shaq
Ah ha, oh yeah, So many feelings, so many losers with expert opinions
I feel I think I don’t know shit sometimes
I feel like survivors guilt, but I don’t feel alive
I often wonder why

[Outro: DC YoungFly]

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