Evil Errands

I’m gonna kill someone tonight, my sweet little secret lover

I think I really like her, but there ain’t nothing a man can’t get over

I met her in Italy, on an endless beach on a sunny day

But now my wife is suspecting something, and my italian flame really has to go away
I’m gonna kill someone tonight, with a gun that I bought some years ago

It was meant for my wife, she’s always been such an annoying ho

But she has a lot of money, and a really cool car I can use every day

So I’ll stick with her, a cool car is more important than happiness anywayI’m gonna kill someone tonight, kind of exciting I’vе never done this bеfore

She’s the love of my life, but my wife is one jealous whore

I’ll aim for her heart, I think, never really fired a gun

But I’ve seen it a lot in action movies, and I think it’s gonna be fun