Exile – Soul Provider Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah…somethin’ classic…in the makin’…
Feels good don’t it?
Exile…the one and only…heh…
The young homie…

[Verse 1] You going up against a n with a whole lotta soul partner
The show shocker, rock ya soul when I flow partner
The dime studded Marauder
Knocking the globe outta alignment when I’m rhyming
Soul shining like I’m gold mining
So don’t bother competing
His own Father don’t know how to defeat him
He like a robot, knocking the cement into your soul rock
Leaving the hoes jocked, Now you can see, concede it, cause his speaking leave your dome cocked
The soul provider Flow live, shit is so hot
Do not touch
Brought the real, and let the whole block crush
Now young bucks call him ill from the still (It’s Blu)
Even though the name been the same since I came
Ain’t a damn thing changed but the skills
I still gotta blow spots up, just to show you that you won’t stop us, And never will, it’s the so cal so cal resident, I represent my locals, Blu’s style is heaven sent, with Exile for President

[Verse 2] The showstopper, rocks spots and flow proper
No album outta fat beats, but still know how to pack seats
With no problems, spitting my soul outta rap sheets
That I been giving Cali that sharpest breeze and khakis
That’s me. The B-L-U no E; I’m
On the block posing like an O.G

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